Obstetrical Care

All of our doctors practice obstetrics as well as gynecology. All patients are exclusively cared for. All of our deliveries are performed at the University Medical Center at Princeton, a Level II hospital with LDRP suites, excellent NICU facilities and prompt anesthesia. We care for singleton and twin pregnancies.

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About Us

Dr. Alan L. Friedman and Dr. Jeffrey K. Gross established the practice in 1986. They were joined by Dr. Alison R. Petraske eleven years later, by Dr. Sejal Amin in 2014, Dr. Katelyn Tripod, and Dr. Devi Rastogi in 2021, and then most recently by Dr. Alisha Sangal. Together with a strong, committed nursing team and support staff, the doctors provide expert, compassionate care to patients in a warm stable environment. Our doctors are experienced in many procedures, including:

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